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Leaving Do [Art Requests] 500k + items to spend

I'm finally leaving Ernya as I'm too busy in real life to continue and haven't played consistently for years. So I'm spreading the wealth back into the system.

I'll keep it fairly short and sweet but I have a few requests for art pieces in my last moments on the site. If you'd like to offer your service simply post:

Which request/s you'd like to take up
Example/s of your work
Length of time it takes you (I won't be here forever sadly..)
Any thing else you need/want to know.


1. Omikron
(My avatar) She's a voodoo priestess lady with magical energy running through her.
This avatar will never change.

2. Inferria
My Guild Wars online character, tricky, but, she's a fire based elementalist sylvari (plant humanoid.)
She's kind and attuned to nature, but also a bad ass.
Everything she wears is organic plant material or bronze.
Ref material:
coming soon full accessories

3. Me!
I won't be playing avatar sites anymore and I love to see artist interpretations of me.
Again, some people find this tricky but if you're up for it I'd really love to see what you come up with.
Ref material:
How I look at the moment and my tattoo: Click! Click!
My height, body shape, and sense of style: Click! Click!

I tend to wear A-line or skater dresses above the knee and boots (ankle or knee length), Print shirts (Videogames, Alcohol branding, Graphic Design jokes etc) or plain strap tops and chequered shirts,
flared jeans or Jeggings, or skirts and patterned tights.
I am 5'1 and curvy (with smallish but existent bewbs), I have blue eyes and my hair is currently natural light brown (but can be painted brown, dark brown or dark red/mahogany)
Open to your interpretation :)
I'd like to be treated like a character though - sometimes I've received paint-overs
(where my photograph has been used as a base, that's not what I'm looking for.)

4. My Larp Character Yfritte (prn. E-freee)
Another based on real life but a bit more fantastical, would love some fantasy art (or any art) of my tribal elf Yfritte.
You can add and take things away, like pelts, tattoos and accessories. Anything you want to do is fine.
She's quite aggressive (don't be fooled by the giddy smile), she's a hunter.
I'd love for her eyes to be green if possible but blue is fine otherwise.
You can make her a bit skimpy too. She doesn't have to wear leggings and if you want to slim me down I won't be offended. ;)
Ref Material:
Summer Stars

5. Heroes of the past.
If none of the others take your fancy then I have some of my favourite avatars I've made over the years (please note I won't pay as highly for these as my other requests are favoured but I'd still love art)

I can offer an abundance of pure, or if you're interested in items you can check out my sale thread:
Complete Liquidation Sale for what I have available. :)

I don't suspect this thread will get much traffic as is the nature of the Art Buying forum, but I hope some of y'all have time to fulfill these 'last requests'!