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Pandeer. A Joint Profile Shop [Open]

Welcome to Pandeer, a joint profile shop by Holy Sh!t and Cinnamon. Feel free to stick around and chat whilst you look at all the pretty profiles. Just remember to mind the rules and everything will go splendidly. Here at Pandeer, you will find an ample selection of profiles as well as banners, graphics and thread layouts. If you have any questions, feel free to PM the main accounts, or if you wish, you may PM Pandeer, although replies might be a little slow. Please keep in mind who you are ordering from. Any posts labeled "Deer" belong to Cinnamon and any posts labeled "Panda" belong to Holy Sh!t. All trades should be sent to the respective users. Any trades sent to Pandeer will be cancelled unless it is a donation.

Important Note: Although mentioned in the rules, I would like to elaborate on the Third Rule. Posting any .gifs or autoplay videos will result in a warning or depending on the severity of the image(s)/video(s), it may result in a ban from the thread. Any links leading to moving images must be labeled clearly. You may choose to hyperlink the word "gif" or you can simply shout it out "HEY THERE'S A GIF IN THIS LINK!!!" As much as this may sound ridiculous, it is extremely necessary. Multiple infractions will be reported to a mod.

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