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Ernya Lands BETA v0.15

Hello everyone,

With this new BETA version comes a new mini game, "The Last Maze"!

The minigame is available to play once per hour, and starts 30 mins after DoA. So basically you have a game every 30minutes, rotating between Dead or Alive and The Last Maze. In addition you still have the Treasure Hunt game going on as well once per hour in the middle of all of this!

You can qualify for The Last Maze by joining a new room called "Maze Portal", anytime before :30. Every hour, everyone standing in this room will be teleported from the Maze Portal into the Maze!

You won't be able to use your mouse in the maze, only your keyboard. Also, the minimap will be disabled, however you will still be able to use zoom out and use the compass.

The exit is always in the center of the maze. The first to step under it and hold still wins a prize, as usual!
The prize is an openable similar to the one from DoA, with gold and different prizes in it.
An announcement regarding the maze coupons will be made later on this week. :)

We hope you are having fun with the ever growing activities in the lands!