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Monthly VIP Swap: Sven, Demon Horns, and Water Bender


We apologize for the short delay.
We will be reorganizing the release dates, since the monthly swap update is one tall order! We will let you know about the adjustments in the next few days.

The permanent monthlies have been swapped, this month you can recolor the Sven Hair, Demon Horns, and Water Bender.

Remember you need a VIP potion, along with the original item in order to get a VIP recolor.

Last month's items, R0ckstar Hair, Glitz, and Once Upon a Time have been added to the permanent shop.
The permanent shop has also been adjusted to fit in more items, we hope you like the accordion system. You can access the permanent shop through my shop.

You will need a "VIP Plus" potion to buy the items from the permanent shop.

Finally this month's items, Fema Tex, and Magical Bubble have been added to the VIP Shop!

See you later on tonight for a new common VIP recolor!