Ernya Avatar Community

яεvεяsι [тwιѕтed❀aυcтιon] 10,000g Cloud Set

WHAT UP, HOMES.Welcome, let's get this show on the road.

THE INS AND OUTS.This is how things work.⚜ An item is posted for bids.
⚜ The starting price is it's general current exchange worth.
⚜ Bids will begin at the current worth and go backward by 500g, ending at a 10,000g bid.
⚜ The last bidder sends trade for 10,000g, gets item and I start a new round. [More info read: HERE
⚜ Random bidders will recieve a free sig tag.This tag will be colored to match the current av being worn Show Spoiler

THE CHOPPING BLOCK.What's for sale, yo...

Cloud Set
75,OOOg Start

THINGS TO KNOW.Rules or some crap..⚜ No spam, that means more than 3 words per post as Ernya rules state.
⚜ Chat is welcome, but not necessary.
⚜ No post edits. If you bid the same as the person before you, oh well, do NOT edit, keep going.This means, the second [later] bid of the same amount is discarded, it is NOT counted as the next lower bid.
For example. Bids going as: 500, 500, 450 [are correct] || 500, 500, 400 [are incorrect]⚜ Do NOT beg for items from me. I donate if I feel a person is worthy.
⚜ Do NOT PM me regarding this thread unless someone is majorly violating.
⚜ Do NOT Post on my profile regarding this thread.
⚜ NO Bid Sniping. You must have bid at least 5 times to qualify for the win.
⚜ Do not bid twice in a row.
⚜ You may NOT win more than one time in a row.
⚜ Please do not use mules to bid...