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Spell Rotation and New Color Feature Update

Hello everyone,

Firstly, here are the last two spells of the current rotation: Jeans and Lilac.

These two spells are available for 3days only.

Secondly, I finally have an update regarding the new color feature. We decided to wait for the rotation to be over with in order to introduce it, even though that's not what was originally planned.
The new color feature will be replacing the monthly spell rotation.

We thought that you guys deserved some spoiler, so I can already tell you that it will involve a new shop, and a new NPC! Our current NPCs are really excited to welcome a new member to the team, and we will be having a tiny small event to celebrate this new addition.

We also need your votes and opinions regarding your favorite items. A new thread has been started in the Community Discussion section. Please make sure to check it out and we would really appreciate it if you could give us 5 minutes of your time to post about your preferences!
This poll will help for this new shop.

Stay tuned the upcoming few weeks, and we hope that you are as excited as us for the new release!