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Art Contest -- 1st Place @ 5mil! Ends: Dec 15 !OPEN!

Everyone gets SOMETHING for entering so don't worry, everyone is a winner!

*You MUST submit a WIP via PM to me (Lost Kittens) before submitting to the contest*
No more then 2 pieces of art PER CHARACTER PER ARTIST
Quality over Quantity
Do not make couple art of characters not on the appropriate couples list
Any Questions regarding characters backgrounds / personalities / anything you may want to as PM me for details.

Submit Art Entries Here: Click c:

I will only tell you what you need to fix according to my avi detail/OC info. I will not however tell you how to improve your art or anything that would increase your chance of winning. I am only telling you what you must have / didn't draw correctly, or those small detail I want to verify or change. In no way will I encourage, advice, or say anything that will increase or decrease anyone chance of winning.

Thank you and Enjoy the contest!