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The entire goal of Ernyans Helping Ernya is to help the site grow. While the site is in no way doing poorly, the community should not only be able to help the site continue to flourish, but also want to help it along. The way that Ernyans Helping Ernya accomplishes this goal is through numerous means. By providing signatures to use on your favorite networking sites, and also by helping boost the monetary donations for the site, the group hopes to help the site flourish in greater ways over the coming years. Let's help our favorite online community grow and prosper, so that we can all enjoy it for many, many years to come!

UPDATE 6.24.14: We will now accept submissions to the bi-monthly donation contest via PM! If you wish to report your donation for a chance to win some awesome prizes, but don't want to post it publicly in the thread, PM it to the thread mule (Ernyans Helping Ernya). You will be added into the contest, and your donation to the donation goal, but your name will remain anonymous.

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