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Vodka and Sunflowers

Vodka and Sunflowers

  • Location: Russia

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  • Marbleholic
  • Chatterbug
  • Ernya Mania
  • Ninja
  • Eco Friendly
  • Easter Event
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About Vodka and Sunflowers

Become one with mother Russia, da?


My name is Ivan Braginski, but you can call me Ivan or Russia.
I love sunflowers, and live off of vodka, da?

A large, intimidating nation with a simplistic and easygoing personality, yet has the cruelty of a child deep down. Russia has mentally cracked from his history of war and bloodshed, however, he is unaware of his own aforementioned cruel tendencies. His greatest dream is apparently to eventually live in a warm place with sunflowers and his dearest wish is "all will become one with Mother Russia, da?". He considers vodka to be his fuel, and is almost always shown wearing the scarf that his older sister Ukraine gave him.

I like to hurt people with my lead pipe! ^J^


I AM A COSPLAYER!! I am not really Russia, or Russian, I am just doing this for RP purposes!!!

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