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About WoIf

Name's Wolf.

I like wolves. (imagine that...)

I flicker between being shy and quiet or loud and talkative. Depends on my mood and who I'm dealing with. (and how much coffee I've consumed.. >> )

I LOVE coffee, and am prone to random spikes in post count because of my addiction.

Unless I've had coffee, I usually just lurk around the forums, saying little. And I get bored and go inactive sometimes. So if I don't reply, its one of those times.

It is extremely difficult to get me truly angry. I'm an easy going person.

I'm addicted to video games. Playing Skyrim right now.

I like Mabinogi a lot. If you play on the Ruairi server, feel free to add me. I'm Wolfaro.

I came here from Gaia. I don't like it much there anymore.

My favorite colors are white and black. Deep red is okay too.

I'm intelligent, but I am also very lazy. (a dangerous mix)

I hate water, and seafood.

I like to read. Books and manga. I can write pretty well too.

Drawing, not so good at it. But I have my moments when I draw something sort of awesome.

I'll add more if I think of anything else I feel like sharing..

(no I didn't draw that)

I did draw, this:

(yes I know its not the best, and its an old avi..)

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